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As the company's VP and Executive local manager, Sharon is the heart and soul of the company's day to day ongoings affairs and contributes greatly to its expansion and growth.

Sharon is responsible for managing the operations in Atlanta, checking out potential opportunities, managing existing projects and taking care of administrative needs. Her managerial skills enable her to manage contractors and other vendors efficiently and productively.

Before joining Logical, Sharon served in various management positions in the Banking industry.

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Logical works with a line of realtors led by Marcus, Michael, Rae and Ben who have immediate knowledge of the "hot" areas and constantly follow general market trends as well as monitor specific local influencing factors.

Logical's unique business model keeps the realtors involved throughout the life of each project, making them an inherent part of the company. Our realtors "live" the market every second of the day and since they started working with logical their nights often become sleepless as well…

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Jeff, a general contractor and a realtor, executing building projects and renovations as well as finding potential deals. Jeff has years of experience in the constructions industry and serves as one of the company's business partners contributing to it's expansion in Atlanta.

Jose, a general contractor building projects for the company, started his way a long time ago up in New York and since acquired knowledge and expertise in the residential construction industry, permitting and planning. Jose is another key business partner who contributes greatly to the company's ongoing expansion. 

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Craig & Jonathan are associate attorneys specializing in real estate transactions with whom Logical has strategic business partnership. Logical has been working with Craig & Jonathan for some years primarily on processing the majority of its real estate transactions (closings) but also on the corporate side of the business.

sy Francis

Sy, is the group's CPA who takes care of all the reporting requirements, bringing his vast accounting knowledge and experience with investors and tax matters.

mikeg                              Mike Projects Manager



Contact us today! The investment process is composed of several stages, where the first steps can take several weeks. Therefore we recommend contacting us as soon as possible in order to be ready for investing when an identified project is due to begin.

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