Logical Properties

Logical has been active in the real estate market since it was founded in 2005. Logical focuses on providing quality investment, management and consulting services to it's clients and since 2010 the company is active primarily in the Atlanta, GA where it established a solid infrastructure for it's activities.

The company uses the invaluable accumulated knowledge and experience of it's founders and managers to expand it's business as well as provide it's clients with innovative and diversified real estate investment opportunities.

Logical's unique investment model allows investors exceptional flexibility both time-wise as well as capital-wise, thus making it's model suitable for a vast range of investments on any scale.

Logical opens the opportunity for clients to invest in each project together with it's founders and managers who take part in every project the company develops and enjoy the returns on these investments.

Logical is managed by Gil Fast, Sharon Fast and Sharon McCambry. Gil, a CPA in Israel, gained valuable knowledge and experience in the many years he served in key positions at leading real estate development corporations and is in charge of the business development and financial management, Sharon Fast has been working with customers for many years and serves as the company's marketing and customer relations manager in charge of marketing, media and customer support and services, Sharon McCambry has accumulated vast knowledge in the banking industry and priceless experience of working with people, both clients and employees and is the company's VP and general manager in Atlanta, managing the daily operations and projects development.

Logical concentrates on short term investments through acquiring properties, building quality projects and selling them to homeowners at the highest quality and service standards. nevertheless, the company can provide solutions for other types of investments such as commercial properties (apartment complexes, business and commercial properties, etc) custom home building for home owners and rental properties.

משרד: +404-808-8058

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